Mehabooba Lyrics | KGF Chapter 2 Movie Song

Yash, Srinidhi Shetty is starring in Lead roles, Check
Mehabooba lyrics from the movie
KGF Chapter 2
, its full song lyrics is now available in Malayalam and English.
Ananya Bhat
has sung the song,
has penned the full lyrics and
Ravi Basrur
has composed the song, labeled by
Lahari Music

Jeem Boom Bhaa

Jeem Boom Bhaa cast

Rahul Ramachandran’s Jeem Boom Bhaa is a Malayalam comedy and thriller film. They are Anju Kurian, Askar Ali and Anish Gopal in this film. On February 10, 2019, the film’s premiere will take place. It is from India that the Malayalam version of Jeem Boom Bhaa was distributed to the rest of the globe.


Kalki cast

Praveen Prabharam directs Kalki, a Mollywood action/drama film. Tovino Thomas plays the starring role in this film. First showings will be on August 8th, 2019, one year after its first release date. The Malayalam language version of Kalki is released from India to the rest of the world.

Kakshi: Amminippilla

Kakshi: Amminippilla cast

Dinjith Ayyathan directs the Mollywood comedy-drama Amminippilla. Mamukkoya, Asif Ali, Fara Shibla, Ahmed Sidhique, and Ashwathy Manoharan play the important characters in this film. The movie is originally released on 28 June 2019. Kakshi: Amminippilla is made available to the globe in Malayalam by India.

Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri

Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri cast

Jean Markose directs Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri, a Mollywood comedy-drama. Mithun Ramesh, Biju Sopanam, Srinda Arhaan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, and Asha Madathil Sreekanth play the lead roles in this film. On May 11, 2018, the film will be released for the first time. Malayalam-language release of Indian blockbuster, Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri.

Oru Nalla Kottayam Karan

Oru Nalla Kottayam Karan cast

Simon Kuruvilla is the director of Oru Nalla Kottayam Karan, a Malayalam drama film. Anjali Nair and Sreejith Vijay star in the film’s lead roles. On December 6, 2019, the film will be released for the first time. The Malayalam language version of Oru Nalla Kottayam Karan is launched from India to the world.

Karutha Sooryan

Karutha Sooryan cast

EVM Ali directs the Mollywood drama and romance Karutha Sooryan. Neena Kurup, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Kochu Preman, and Kalabhavan Abi all star in this film. On December 8th, 2017 the film was released for the first time. Karutha Sooryan is an Indian film released in Malayalam around the globe.